Amazon Prime Gaming: Best games and in-game rewards to collect in April 2023

Amazon Prime Gaming: Best games and in-game rewards to collect in April 2023

In December last year, Amazon launched Prime Gaming in India. Available exclusively to Prime subscribers, it offers several in-game content and a bunch of games that can be downloaded for free.

While the majority of content and games can be collected from Prime Gaming, some of these require users to log in to third-party platforms or game launchers like Epic Games Store or Steam.

These rewards also come with an expiry date, so make sure you collect them before the deadline. Here, we will list some of the best games and in-game rewards you can collect this month from Prime Gaming.

Amazon Prime Gaming free games

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Launched in 2014, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a first-person action shooting game that is set in an alternate reality where the Nazis win the 2nd World War.

To claim the game, log in to Prime Gaming using your Amazon account and redeem the code from there. Once done, create or log in to your account on GOG, paste the code in the redeem code option and you will be good to go. The offer will explore in 23 days, so make sure you grab your copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order before June 2.

King of Fighters  2003

Launched in 2003, King of Fighters 2003, also known as KOF 2003 is a fighting game that brings back the 3-on-3 tag battle format where players can switch between characters during a fight. It also introduces a bunch of new characters like Ash Crimson. Duo Lon and Shen Woo.

Best in-game rewards to collect

Since Amazon Prime has a huge list of in-game rewards that you can claim for free, here are some of the best collectable bundles you should keep an eye out for.

FIFA 2023

If you own FIFA 2023, make sure to collect the ‘Prime Gaming Pack #6’ that includes 7 Gold Rare players, 2 player picks with minimum 82+ OVR, 12 rare consumables and one Kevin De Bruyne Loan for 25 games.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players can claim the Epic Junkrat Circus skin for free for a month. The reward will expire on April 20, so make sure you collect it as soon as possible.


Amazon Prime Gaming is also giving out a little personal flair that can be attached to your gun in Valorant. The Dimensional Drip Gun Buddy can be collected for free before April 25.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players can collect the ‘Prime Gaming Bundle #6’ which includes 1 Fragile Resin, 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore and 20,000 Mora before April 13.

Dead by Daylight

Available on console on PC, Prime Gaming is giving away ‘The Artist – Colorful Melancholy’ outfit as part for free before April 19.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys players can claim the Protector Costume and 1,000 Kudos for free before April 19, so make sure you add it to your collection.

War frame

Those playing Warframe can claim the Pyrana Weapon Bundle which contains the Pyrana weapon, Pyrana Iridos weapon skin and a weapon slot before April 15.

League of Legends

If you play League of Legends, be sure to claim the Prime Gaming Capsule before April 20. It contains several items like 350 RP, 200 Orange Essence, Mystery Skin Permanent, a permanent champion, 2 Series 1 Eternal Shards, 30 day XP boost and 4 Champion Shards.

Destiny 2

Ending on May 9, Amazon Prime Gaming is offering ‘Spring Showers Exotic Bundle’ that contains a Spring Showers Emote, Arrow of Time Exotic Ship, Velvet Intention Legendary Shader and a Grey Tiger Shell Legendary Ghost.

Black Desert Mobile

In case you play Black Desert Mobile, make sure to quickly collect the Fairy Growth Support Chest before April 11. The included items contain 10 Nightbloom and 140 Dawning Moonstone.

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