Green Day to release 30th anniversary reissue of Dookie – Music News

Green Day to release 30th anniversary reissue of Dookie – Music News

Green Day are to release a 30th anniversary reissue of their album ‘Dookie’.

The group – made up of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool – are to celebrate three decades of their 1994 record by dropping ‘Dookie (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)’.

The new edition will be available as a limited edition six-LP vinyl box set, a four-CD box set and also available digitally.

‘Dookie (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)’ will be released on September 29th, and will feature previously unreleased ‘Dookie’ demos, as well as live recordings ‘Live At Woodstock (1994)’ and ‘Live In Barcelona (June 5, 1994)’, which has never been released.

What’s more, Green Day fans with dogs might be pleased to hear the bumper box set also comes with ‘Dookie’ pooch poop bags, as well as air freshener, which could be useful after your four-legged friend has done their business.

Other items include a five-button set, a postcard, a bumper sticker, a magnet, a paper aeroplane, and a poster.

The band’s third studio album was initially released on February 1, 1994.

The music, which featured themes such as anxiety, relationships, sexuality and boredom, was mostly penned by frontman Billie.

Singles ‘Basket Case’, ‘When I Come Around’, ‘Longview’, ‘She’, and a re-recorded version of ‘Welcome to Paradise’, which was initially on the group’s ‘Kerplunk!’ album, all featured on ‘Dookie’.

In March, Yusuf/ Cat Stevens – who is also known as Yusuf Islam – revealed he wanted to collaborate with the band.

Asked if he’s in the loop with pop music nowadays, he told NME: “Not very much. I came from one of pop’s pinnacle eras when there’d be a new milestone every week, so I tend to listen to that period most.

“But I love Green Day because of their message. ‘Know Your Enemy’ is an incredible song with a message about the Iraq war that was right on time.”

Asked if he’d like to collaborate with the group, he replied: “Yeah! Wow, that’s a good idea. I think they listened to my song ‘Bitterblue’ before making ‘Know Your Enemy’, as I can hear little titbits of it in the chords and some of the words.

“I reckon we could definitely get it on.”

‘Dookie: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’ track listing:

Vinyl Box (6LP):

LP 1: ‘Dookie’

LP 2: ‘Dookie Demos’

LP 3: ‘Dookie Outtakes’

LP 4: ‘Live at Woodstock (1994)’

LP 5 6: ‘Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94)’

CD Box (4CD):

CD 1: ‘Dookie’

CD 2: ‘Dookie Demos Outtakes’

CD 3: ‘Live at Woodstock (1994)’

CD 4: ‘Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94)’


1. ‘Burnout’

2. ‘Having A Blast’

3. ‘Chump’

4. ‘Longview’

5. ‘Welcome to Paradise’

6. ‘Pulling Teeth’

7. ‘Basket Case’

8. ‘She’

9. ‘Sassafras Roots’

10. ‘When I Come Around’

11. ‘Coming Clean’

12. ‘Emenius Sleepus’

13. ‘In The End’

14. ‘F.O.D.’

15. ‘All By Myself’

‘Dookie’ 4-Track Demos:

1. ‘Burnout’

2. ‘Chump’

3. ‘Pulling Teeth’

4. ‘Basket Case’

5. ‘She’

6. ‘Sassafras Roots’

7. ‘When I Come Around’

8. ‘In The End’

9. ‘F.O.D.’

10. ‘When It’s Time’

‘Dookie’ Cassette Demos:

1. ‘When I Come Around’

2. ‘Basket Case’

3. ‘Longview’

4. ‘Burn Out’

5. ‘Your Anger’

6. ‘J.A.R.’

7. ‘Having A Blast’

‘Dookie’ Outtakes:

1. ‘Christie Rd.’

2. ‘409 In Your Coffeemaker’

3. ‘J.A.R.’

4. ‘On The Wagon’

5. ‘Tired of Waiting for You’

6. ‘Walking The Dog (demo)’

‘Live at Woodstock (1994)’

1. ‘Welcome to Paradise (live)’

2. ‘One Of My Lies (live)’

3. ‘Chump (live)’

4. ‘Longview (live)’

5. ‘Basket Case (live)’

6. ‘When I Come Around (live)’

7. ‘Burnout (live)’

8. ‘F.O.D. (live)’

9. ‘Paper Lanterns (live)’

10. ‘Shit Show (live)’

‘Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94)’

1. ‘Welcome to Paradise (live)’

2. ‘One of My Lies (live)’

3. ‘Chump (live)’

4. ‘Longview (live)’

5. ‘Burnout (live)’

6. ‘Only Of You (live)’

7. ‘When I Come Around (live)’

8. ‘2000 Light Years Away (live)’

9. ‘Going to Pasalacqua (live)’

10. ‘Knowledge (live)’

11. ‘Basket Case (live)’

12. ‘Paper Lanterns (live)’

13. ‘Road to Acceptance’

14. ‘Dominated Love Slave (live)’

15. ‘F.O.D. (live)’

16. ‘Christie Rd. (live)’

17. ‘Disappearing Boy (live)’

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