Michael Chertoff Fast Facts | CNN

Michael Chertoff Fast Facts | CNN


Here is a look at the life of Michael Chertoff, former secretary of Homeland Security.

Birth date: November 28, 1953

Birth place: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Birth name: Michael Chertoff

Father: Gershon Chertoff, rabbi

Mother: Livia Chertoff

Marriage: Meryl (Justin) Chertoff (1988-present)

Children: Two

Education: Harvard University, BA, 1975; Harvard University, JD, 1978

Religion: Jewish

Helped write the Patriot Act after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Played a key role in the government investigations of WorldCom, Enron and Arthur Andersen.

Prosecuted the former boss of the Genovese crime family, Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno; the founder of Crazy Eddie electronics, Eddie Antar; and Jersey City Mayor Gerald McCann.

1978-1979 – Law clerk to Judge Murray Gurfein, US Court of Appeals Second Circuit, New York.

1979-1980 – Serves as a law clerk to Justice William Brennan, US Supreme Court.

1980-1983 – Associate at Latham & Watkins in Washington, DC.

1983-1987 – Assistant US attorney for the Southern District of New York.

1987 – Recipient of the John Marshall award from the US Department of Justice.

1987-1990 – First assistant US attorney for the District of New Jersey.

1990-1994 – US attorney for the District of New Jersey.

1994-1996 – Special counsel for Senate Whitewater Committee.

2001-2003 – Assistant US attorney general, the criminal division.

2003-2005 – Judge for the US Court of Appeals Third Circuit.

January 11, 2005 – Is nominated as secretary of Homeland Security by President George W. Bush.

February 15, 2005-January 21, 2009 – Serves as the second secretary of Homeland Security.

March 26, 2009-present – Senior counsel at the DC law firm Covington & Burling LLP.

2009-present – Chairman and co-founder of the Chertoff Group, a global security advisory firm.

May 1, 2012-December 2021 Chairman of the board of directors of BAE Systems, Inc.

April 27, 2022 – Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says that DHS has established a Disinformation Governance Boardwith the intention of coordinating department activities related to disinformation aimed at the US population and infrastructure. In May, the disinformation board initiative is halted after weeks of attacks, and Chertoff is named co-chair of the Homeland Security Advisory Council subcommittee which later issues a set of recommendations to the secretary, including its assessment that there is “no need for a separate Disinformation Governance Board.” The disinformation board is formally terminated on August 24, 2022.

January 2023 – CNN reports that the Supreme Court did not disclose its longstanding financial relationship with Chertoff, even as it touted him as an expert who independently validated its investigation into who leaked the draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade.

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